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My years of studying at AILM by Tinnah dela Rosa I graduated in 2010 with a Masters of Theology in Liturgy and Music. My years of studying at AILM has paid off for today I am able to apply my multi-faceted education in the various fields where I am – as teacher, retreat facilitator, choir member, liturgist, conductor, cantor, and composer. AILM has made a huge impact in my dream to be a liturgical composer. Challenged by my mentor, Dr. Francisco F. Feliciano, to discover my roots, AILM has certainly sharpened my vision and hearing so as to see and hear the great Composer and Conductor of all creation. It is this recognition that has given birth to many of my liturgical compositions. Not only was I equipped with skills to write music, AILM has also sparked in me a fire that burns to help the Catholic Church as a liturgical composer. by Tinnah dela Rosa Composer, Gaudium Mass  
AILM over the years by Dr. Ashley Williams The year was 1985, when flights were scarce. I had decided to pursue a career in Church Music and since the course was not available back in Bangalore, I decided to come over to the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music. Coming from the musical family, I thought that this would be a breeze through. Not knowing what to expect I decided to take the long journey to Manila. AILM was then in the beginning stages and thus there were lots of experimentation with all we did. This was a real bonus for those of us willing to learn everything to do with Music and Liturgy. Under the able guidance of Dr. Francisco F. Feliciano, AILM was vibrant and full of activity. Our Guitar Quartet performed for various concerts including ones at various embassies and consular offices. It was during our time that the Asian Chorale was born - another dream of Dr. Feliciano who brought in the most gentle, kind but yet firm lady. Mr. Andrea O. Veneracion to train and lead this group. Our first concert tour was that to Sweden where I think we learned more than 100 songs in different languages. All our concerts ran to standing ovations and the Chorale was a great hit. Dr. Feliciano would also invite us to perform with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. To me this was the greatest learning experience.  I would just sit at the CCP and listen to all the great symphonies performed. Being there for rehearsals was a beautiful thing. There is no better platform to learn. I remember some faculty who helped form us all into better musicians and liturgists. They were Prof. Dick Mazo for Choral Conducting & Pipe Organ, Prof. Augusto Espino, a good friend and piano teacher although I started learning under Malou Hermo. Dr. I to Loh, Dr. Fe Prudente, Anders Solomonson, Joey Valenciano who thought me the sitar, Luche Roque, Fr. Tom Maddela, and there was a Bishop too whose name I can't remember. I decided to move back to Bangalore after my graduation in 1989 to start my journey in the field of liturgy and music. After my return to Bangalore, things moved upward for me in the music circle. The influences that AILM has had on me are tremendous. I started and formed one of the best all girl brass bands in the country which had approximately 160 girls performing. After the death of my father I was given the honor and privileged to be appointed the Director & Conductor of the 100 year-old Bangalore Musical Association. I was honored with the Best Conductor Award which I dedicated to Dr. Feliciano and Prof. Dick Mazo. As a composer I worked on a project to revive the dying ancient Folk Music from the Karnataka State. My study of ethnomusicology at AILM came as a great help. Over the years I produced and directed many Broadway Musicals which ran to full houses and standing ovations. On the Church Music front, I did try to bring in ethnic music into the liturgical context, having written many masses. I had also penned a book on the techniques of vocal production aimed at the non-musicians and the regular church singer. I was honored by the Bangalore City Traffic Warden's Association for my contribution as a civilian and composed their anthem. The William Joseph International Academy was born out of a dream to create a center that would train students professionally in the field of music, dance and theatre. Today, ten years down the line, the Academy is rated amongst the best in the country. A few years ago I came upon the concept of creating the Global Peace & Harmony Concert Series after seeing the need for Global Peace. Through these concerts we have traveled the Globe promoting Peace & Harmony through music. The Academy & Foundation has been awarded the prestigious Global Peace & Understanding Award Messenger of Peace Award. Apart from that I was also given the Best Music Teacher Award. These awards and concerts has also taken me to different parts of the world for Charity Concerts as guest Conductor and Soloist. My present assignments stand as Founding Director - William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts Chairman              - William Joseph Music Foundation Director & Conductor - 100 year old Bangalore Musical Association. Director & Conductor - Indian National Symphony Orchestra My grateful thanks to the board of trustees of AILM, Dr. Feliciano for giving us all the exposure to Western and Asian Music, to Agot Espino & Gay Quinitio for my piano playing and voice, and to Professor Dick Mazo for teaching me that you could really make a Pipe Organ sing. To all the future students at AILM - Life is hard at AILM. Some things you like and some you don't. Treasure every moment of your stay and study at AILM and once you're through youare ready to go out into the world to make it a better place. Warmest Regards & Blessings Dr. Ashley Williams Sudhir Ashley Williams Joseph - 1985-1989  William Joseph Music Foundation
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