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Inaugurated in 1992, Samba-Likhaan Artists' Community has been home to artists, theologians, and scholars from the different Asian countries, as well as non-Asians whose field of interest and involvement lie in Asia. Located in Cathedral Heights, in the heart of Quezon City, Philippines, Samba-Likhaan is sprawled over one-and-a-half hectares of land. An "Oasis in the City" is the common description of guests and visitors. An open terraced performance circle is surrounded by typical Filipino country cottages standing on stilts and connected by wooden bridges. Bamboo and other tropical trees are planted everywhere and have grown lush with the years. In this oasis live artists who pursue their creative work as expressions of their faith, dedicating their arts to the glory of God, the Creator. Samba-Likhaan is committed to artistic activities that enhance the participating consciousness of members of communities and deals with communal culture and multifunction art-rituals. Its founder and president, Francisco F. Feliciano, is a composer and educator recognized all over the world for his continuing effort to make the arts relevant to the people's worship life. Samba-Likhaan Programs seek to address the need to place art, music, dance, or other cultural activities in the service of the community where it is found, not merely for aesthetics but as catalyst for mobilizing community energy towards enhancement of life and spirituality. Samba-Likhaan pursues activities that focus on the artists' work with specific communities, expansion of the network of artists, church workers and leaders, and the continuing development of art programs that can be adopted as tools in highlighting socio-cultural concerns of the communities and churches. Samba-Likhaan is coined from the roots of two words in Filipino, the Philippine national language. Samba means worship while likha means creation. Joining these creates a new word that, with the prefix -an, endows it with not just one but, like the best works of art, multiple meanings. Samba-Likhaan is both the place and the process of creation, where artists render their homage to God through their work. Samba-Likhaan invites artists, theologians, and students to take part in its programs--to live and work together, experimenting, creating, performing, sharing ideas in an environment that brings out the creative spirit in all of us.
Sambalikhaan Board of Trustees         Rev. Dr. Emerito P. Nacpil, Chairman of the Board     The Very Rev. Tomas S. Madella     Father Anscar Chupungco     Dr. Sientje Merentek-Abram     The Most Rev. Ignacio Soliba     The Most Rev. Godofredo J. David     Dr. Rafael B. Rodriguez Sambalikhaan Officers Dr. Francisco F. Feliciano President /Founder Rexie Barrera Administrative and  Officer Luz Gatbonton Administrative Assistant Lucas Biteng Head of General Services Jojo Nacion Loreta Lalaguna General Services
1.     Artists in residence 2. Outreach A. Dalaw Simbahan (Visita Iglesia/Church visits) B. Outreach concerts to different local churches C. Workshop, worship, concert 3. Non-degree Programs A. Saturday Music Program B. Extension Services 4. Art and Healing A. Description / Goals B. Projects 5. Publications A. List of books B. How to order 6. Recordings A. List of recordings B. Sound Bytes C. How to order 7. Events A. Concerts B. Workshops
Right in the heart of the city is an oasis. An open-terraced performance circle surrounded by typical Filipino country cottages of wood, capiz windows and tiled roof bamboo and other tropical trees that have grown lush through the years. Over the years, hundreds of guests have stayed in the cottages designed by the late National Artist Leandro V. Locsin. Tucked away in the campus of the Episcopal Church Center in Quezon City, there is rest and quiet in Sambalikhaan. Yet the convenience of the city, with its cafes and bookstores, shops and supermarkets, is just a few hundred meters away.
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