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The AILM Chorale is the performing arm of the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, a leading center for training in church music in Asia. The ensemble has 40 members coming from the different countries in Asia, with a repertoire as varied as its membership. The Chorale sings a mix of Western and Asian repertoire, both sacred and secular. The Chorale is known for its outstanding performance of contemporary works of Asian composers and folk song arrangements. It has made four recordings: "Bungkos, a collection of new choral works by AILM composers; "Ayyuwan Chi Pita, songs from the music drama of the same title featuring the  music of a Northern Philippine ethnic group, the Kalingas; "Images of Asia in Folk Songs, folk songs from the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan; "Missa Mysterium, composed by Francisco Feliciano for the International Bamboo Organ Festival, a full mass for orchestra, large chorus and soloists.
Recent Activities 2009 Bamboo Organ Festival participation 2010 A unique experience was their participation in the Taize Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth from February 3-7, 2010 where they ably led the participants of more than five thousand in the liturgical hymns. Several students took leadership roles in liturgical singing and conducted the daily worship activities which were lauded by the organizers. In November 2010, the Chorale went on a Concert Tour in South Korea as part of a festival sponsored by the Korean National Arts Council. They performed in Seoul at the Hansei University, Kimpo Church and the Guro Art Center. As part of the Korean Choral Festival, the Chorale gave a special performance at the Changwon Art Hall. 2011 Many Nations One Voice
Members of the AILM Chorale The members are also instrumentalists, performing on a variety of Asian instruments, and can dance traditional Asian dances when dance is a necessary part of the program. The Chorale's audiences in the past years have included heads of states, diplomats, and other government and church leaders. It is comfortable in both the formal stage of concert halls and in 'informal' venues such as churches, malls, and parks. As students of the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, many members of the Chorale are also composers and arrangers. Individually, each is capable of leading a congregation in worship and conducting choirs. Choirmasters The first choirmaster of the AILM Chorale is National Artist for Music Professor Andrea Veneracion, founder of the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Joel Navarro, Jonathan Velasco, Eudenice Palaruan and Joshibiah de Juan took successive turns in training the chorale. Today, the Chorale trains through the collaborative leadership of resident conductor, Ms. Sharon Abesamis, and Artistic Director Dr. Francisco Feliciano. Since its organization in 1986, the AILM Chorale has made bring the music of Asian cultures to the rest of the world its mission. This is a mission it has pursued dedicatedly through the years with its program that is reflective of the Asian soul.
Artistic Director Dr. Feliciano is regarded as one of Asia's leading contemporary composers and a respected name in orchestra conducting. His music education from the University of the Philippines led him to advanced degrees (MMA and DMA in Composition) from the Yale University School of Music and diplomas from the Berlin Schools Hochshule der Kunste and the Berliner Kirchenmusikschule in Composition and Church Music, respectively. International conductors Arthur Weisberg and Martin Behrmann were his conducting mentors, while he studied composition with Isang Yun, Jacob Druckman, Heinz Werner Zimmermann, and Krystof Penderecki. He is President and Director of the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, an institution devoted to the promotion of music and arts and putting these in the context of worship. Click here to read more and/or listen to some audio recordings of Dr. Feliciano`s  Choral Compositions. Resident Conductor Ms. Abesamis is currently the Officer in Charge of the Church Music Department of FEBIAS College of Bible where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Bachelor of Church Music Choral Conducting. She later continued her studies at the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music where she took her Bachelor of Music Choral Conducting and was a member of the Philippine Madrigal Singers from 1999-2003. She is currently finishing her graduate studies at the same university. Aside from being the AILM Chorale's resident conductor she is also the co- founder and choirmaster of Coro Cantabile, an a cappella choral group with the vision of touching lives through music. She also conducts the Manila City Choral, Manila Central University Chorale and the Maranatha First Evangelers Chancel Choir.
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The first tour of the AILM Chorale was in 1989 with a visit to Sweden. The group has performed in almost all the major cities of Sweden, including a private performance for King Olaf. This was followed by another invitation in 1991. In the 1993 Kirchentag in Munich, the AILM Chorale was the main choir, performing in major events and the Closing Worship at the Olympic Stadium where an estimated 150,000 gathered. Performances in Switzerland preceded the Kirchentag while a tour of Bavaria followed. In Heilsbronn, Germany, the Chorale performed creditably in the same program with the famous Windsbach Knabenchor. Asian cities were the next destination of the AILM Chorale, and from 1994 to 1997 it performed a series of concerts in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Jogjakarta, Ambon, Surakarta, Ujung Pandan, and Manado), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Petaling Jaya, Malacca, Sarawak), Singapore, and Hongkong. The AILM Chorale was invited to sing the chorus parts in the Pilgrim's Mass produced by the Christian Mission to Buddhists and performed at the Hongkong Cultural Center in 1997.
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